“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Really, do you? It’s not merely from snow though, so don’t worry it is now yet snowing or our areas don’t snow. You can rely on the power of your hands and creativity to make snowman crafts and decoration. Look at the following ideas to get you started!

  • Reclaimed Wooden Snowman

If you don’t have snow to make a snowman, use wood instead. If you don’t have new wood to occupy, use the reclaimed ones instead. Yes, here we go with reclaimed wooden snowman. Grab some reclaimed wood and paint them in white. After that, decorate your snowman as you like – the eyes, long nose, mouth, hat and tie.

  • Toilet Paper Snowman Elf

Who says that toilet paper cannot be fun? You can turn it into a snowman elf! Grab toilet paper, colored papers (black, orange, white-and-red squared ribbon, and a tiny doll with Saint Clause hat. To make it just simply decorating your toilet paper with your colored paper. Make the snowman’s eyes, ears, mouth, and body. Tie a ribbon around the snowman’s neck, and finally insert the tiny doll in the middle of the toilet paper tube. Done!

  • Cute Log Snowmen

Grab two small logs, two hats and scarfs, black, orange, pink, and white acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and cloth. To make it, clean your log before painting it in white. Then, make the outline of the snowmen’s face and buttons. Paint your outline in colors and place the snowmen’s hat on the top of the log and scarf around the neck.

  • Yarn Wrapped Snowmen

Grab six regular size plastic shopping bags (1 for the head, 2 for the center body, and 3 for the bottom body). Create balls in various sizes using the plastic bags to make the snowmen body and secure them with tape. Then, wrap the snowmen’s body using yarn and tuck the end of it into the ball. Secure it with hot glue. Glue all three balls together and assemble them to make a snowman. Finally, add buttons and arms.

  • Clay Snowmen

Grab some clay and make the three balls in various sizes to form the snowman’s body. Attach some buttons using glue, wrap a scarf around the neck, add the eyes, mouth, and nose, and finally attach arms of the snowman.

Making a snowman for decorating your house now will no longer be expensive as, according to the ideas above, the supplies needed are actually the ones you have around you. Even more, you can reuse reclaimed things. What are you waiting for? Go make one!