Cacti time! Who can resist the cuteness of this tiny plant? Nowadays, not only is cactus a plant, it is also a decorative item. Some of you may want to decorate your work desk or home with this plant but you may not have any idea to make most of the cactus. Don’t worry! Make cactus crafts instead! Check the following ideas!

  • Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter

Let’s make your cactus colorful with this Tassel planter! Prepare 4 colors of yarn: pale pink and green, coral, and blue, hot glue gun, terracotta planter, and the cacti. To make it, first make two 10-inch strands of yarn per three colors. Then, dab a small drop of the hot glue to the bottom of a planter and wrap it around the planter. Make a loop so the two strands become one tassel. Make sure the yarn won’t slip around.

  • Neon Cactus Light

Bring the light to the cactus! Prepare electroluminescent wire, a thin copper wire coated in phosphor, hammer, plant pot, foam board, super glue, and tape. To make it, make three cactus arms by bending the wire and hammer it. Then, make your own battery pack and connect the wire to it. Tape the wire to the cactus wire and then tape them to the underside of the foam that’s already cut into circle. Finally, place it over the top of the pot.

  • Cactus Cake Topper

Let’s get a bit playful and cartoony! Prepare cut out cactus shape, foam sheets, hot glue gun, scissors, paintbrush, paint, and wood skewers. To make it, first paint the cactus shapes and decorate it using colorful paints. Make sure you use various color to make the cactus fun. Then, cut it out and glue it on skewers. And guess what? You are done!

  • Stenciled Cactus Planter

To make this craft is simple. First, paint your planter with any color that you like. Then, take your stencil and apply it on the planter. Dab on the Mod Podge before peeling off the stencil. Cover the dots using glitter before it dries. Make sure you already cover all areas of your planter. Use brush to wipe excess glitter away. Finally, let the pot dry.

Craft ideas about this tiny cute plant are easy and simple. You can even use the supplies that you already have at home or simply buy it from the nearest store. Just choose any ideas that interest you the most and make happy cacti crafts for yourself!