We need interesting and fun indoor activities when we need the kids to stay at home. Among several options watercolor painting is always welcomed. The idea of using so many colors and that it always includes fun process is what the kids prefer the most. Check out these ideas for you to try with your kids.

  • Watercolor on Pinecone

There are a lot of pinecones to find in almost every neighborhood. We only need to wash and dry it before painting it. Once it is dry, let your kids finish it with any combination of the watercolors and create their own versions of pinecones. You’ll be surprised how cute it is that it looks good for home décor.

  • Symmetrical Notecards

This is a pretty simple project but your kids will love the surprise. You basically need to cut the paper and fold it into two pages like a notecard. Then, ask your kid to draw any pattern they like on one side. Don’t forget to tell them that they only need to draw half of the pattern. While the paint is still wet, fold the card and press a little bit. When you open it, the other side will get an exact copy of the previous drawing.

  • Canvas Painting

This may sound usual but let’s do it differently this time. After drawing the pattern using pencil, ask your kids to make the outline using a brush. Then, finish the rest of the painting with different tools, from dropper to sponge and other possible tools. See how interesting the result will be.

  • Cling Wrap Art

It still paints on paper but this time we are going to add a little effect on it. You can dilute the paint with a little water, but it is also recommended not to dilute it for best result. Add several drops of watercolor paints over the paper. Makes sure there are enough drops. Then, cover the paper with cling wrap and press it. Give it a pinch here and there and leave the paint to dry. When it is dry, peel the wrap and see the amazing effect.

Watercolor art projects are always interesting. Your kids get to play with colors and liquid, and they get to make anything on their own version. It exercises their creativity while it also develops their sensors and art sense. They won’t mind spending the whole day inside the house doing this project.