Are you fans of something sweet? You may have doughnut in your list of favorite food! Yup, doughnut carries fun impression. The colorful sprinkles on top of it and the round shape of the doughnut itself are just too fun to describe. So, why not painting it? Follow these following steps to paint your own doughnut!

The materials:

  • Watercolor paints
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Dr. P. H. Martin’s bleed-proof white ink

The Steps in Making a Single Watercolor Doughnut

  • Using a pencil, draw the outline of the doughnut by creating two concentric circles – one smaller wavy shape and another one bigger shape outside the previous one. The circles will imitate the doughnut shape and will show where the glaze ends. After that, using a light shade of brown, brush the remaining areas. To make the round shape sharper, darken the edges of the doughnuts, the portions under the glaze, and the outmost part of the circle. One finished, repeat the steps to the inner circle.
  • Work again in the glazed area by painting in a little pink. Now, while the paint is still wet, darken the inner and the outer edge to make a soft effect.
  • Repeat Step 2 but now add one pink layer. After that, paint a shadow to the doughnut. If you think the light is coming from the left, so the shadow must be painted on the right. Don’t forget to leave a little shite space between the beginning of the shadow and the doughnut itself. The area near the doughnut should be darker, while the farther area from it should be lighter. Last but not least about the shadowing, do the inner part too.
  • Now is the fun time! Sprinkle! You now need to activate the playful part of yours. Paint sprinkles in candy using many different colors. Make the sprinkles as playful and many as possible.
  • The last step in painting single watercolor doughnut would bet another shadowing. The shadowing now needs to be done to the sprinkles, under the sprinkles to be precise. This is kind of a crucial part in the painting process as the sprinkles are located on top of the glaze. The shadow of the sprinkle is so important that you should not miss doing.

Now, that you already know how to make a single watercolor doughnut, how do you want your watercolor doughnut? Be as expressive and playful as you can be to make oughnut as yummy as possible. Remember all the small details such as the shadowing, so that your watercolor paint can be alive.