Is autumn coming to town? If yes, you are going to see lots of pumpkins around. So, why not making your pumpkin masterpiece? You can make a watercolor pumpkin to welcome the autumn. If you think you don’t know where to start, look at the tutorial below so you can make your own. The tutorials are even presented in many styles of the pumpkin. Check them out!


  • Sennelier watercolor paints
  • Arches watercolor paper
  • Princeton Neptune round brush

The Steps to Make Semi-Realistic DIY Watercolor Pumpkin

  • First, using a pencil, draw a rough outline. Then, paint every segment of the pumpkin separately. The paint must be brushed in full hue. Meanwhile, the white space between every two pumpkin segments will function as the dividing element.
  • Finally, paint a darker shadow around the edges of every segment. The parts of the pumpkin that comes behind will have darker hue.
  • Finally, paint the stalk of the pumpkin. After that, let it dry.

The steps to Make Loose DIY Watercolor Pumpkin

  • As how to make the previous watercolor pumpkin style, the very first step to do is to draw a rough outline using a pencil. After that, with watercolor, paint a light wash.
  • After that, paint the portions of the pumpkin and its edges to make the depth. Do this while the paint is not yet dry.
  • At the same time, while the paint is still dry, you can pain any necessary leaves and or stalk to your watercolor pumpkin. All the paints now blend to create a gorgeous effect.
  • You can continue adding more paint while the paper is not yet dry. Repeat that step until you are satisfied enough with the result of your pumpkin watercolor painting. Besides, you can also create some more divisions on your watercolor painting by leaving the paper white as explained above.

The Steps to Make Loose Blue Watercolor Pumpkin

  • To begin with, as the previous watercolor pumpkins style, work with your pencil to create a rough outline. Drawing the outline using a pencil will help you a lot get the right proportions.
  • As this is loose blue watercolor pumpkin, you need to get the right mixture of the colors. This kind of blue is a moody blue. You can get this color by mixing forest green with a little bit of sky blue.
  • While the paint is still wet, paint a thin wash. After that, make the details as needed. The details cover the center of the pumpkin making the depth of it and also the pumpkin’s edges.
  • Last but not least, do the loose style of painting. Finish your watercolor pumpkin by painting the stalk and also sharpening the edges with gray color.