A mask is such a must accessory to attend a party, especially when the party is all about Masquerade party. If you’re invited to such party and you have no time to go outside to find the right mask, you better not worry because you can always rely on the power of your hands. Make your own DIY masquerade mask instead. Look at the following to figure out how to make an ice queen masquerade mask!


  • A cast of face
  • Glue gun
  • Glitter Nail Varnish
  • Silver Nail Varnish
  • Super glue (something like Bostic)
  • Rhinestones (lots of them)

The steps:

  • Draw the shape of the eyes on the face cast and then outline it using glue gun.
  • Then, start doing long drips downwards with enough amount of glue around the eyes to make sure it’s not weak, unless you’ll have the icicles falling off easily and won’t be able to vary the high points as the arch of your eyes and also the low points.
  • Next, slowly feather it out so it gets smaller on one side and then the other side too. Make it smaller and then taller. Then, continue gluing the mask with the glue gun, creating ups and downs line starting from one side of the mask to the other. Make sure that you have covered any spots that you might have missed, especially around the eyes.
  • Next, take some rhinestones and super glue or Bostic. Bostic is more recommended as super glue has fumes which take about a day or two to disappear. So, if you want to go ahead and wear the mask right away, use Bostic instead.When adding the rhinestone, focus them around the eyes and on the very end of the icicles. When you are applying these, make sure you have the rhinestone ready as you are applying transparent glue over something that is transparent.
  • Next, work with your two different nail varnishes: the silver one to lightly coat over all high points in the mask, particularly the ends and around the eyes, and the glitter polish that you need to apply to the chest around the eyes. Make it quite messy to make it really stand out and sparkle. After done with one side, continue doing the same process to the other side of the mask.
  • After that, slowly peel it off.
  • Then apply the string using the elastic one. But before that, make a hole on each side to tie the string. Make sure that it’s the right size for your head.
  • Your masquerade mask is ready to use!