Children always want to be active. You must find it very hard to ask them sit still. However, doing that is really a big deal. It’s not as easy as speaking to them to be quiet. But, don’t worry. You can keep them busy with these craft ideas. Not only will these craft ideas make them busy, they will train your kids’ creativity and focus.

  • Jewelry Holder

If you have a daughter, you must have seen many of their jewelries here and there at home. Well, ask her to organize them with this holder.

To do it, prepare three paper towel tubes and cut them to desired lengths. Then cut two pieces of felt to wrap every cube. Then make some holes for hanging earrings and other jewelries using screw punch. Decorate the tubes with ribbon on the top and bottom to make them beautiful. To keep the holder in place when it’s hung, attach Command Velcro to the back of every tube.

  • Pet Phone Stands

First, prepare any cat or dog templates, toilet paper tubes, craft paints, and gesso (choose the bright ones). Then, cut out the templates, wrap it around the toilet paper tubes, trace, and then cut them out. After that, coat the tubes with gesso and wait them until dry. Finally, add some accessories to decorate the tube and let it dry.

  • The Big Reveal

Prepare painter’s tape, watercolor paper, watercolor paints, a paint brush, and crayons. Start making it by taping the paper to a flat surface and then make a design with your crayons, make sure your children leave some bright shapes behind that are not to be colored. After that, color the design with watercolor and let it dry. Once it’s dry, remove the painter’s tape.

With this art project, your children will learn about creating something using many media, about the concept of negative space.

Your children will surely benefit a lot from the craft ideas above. Regarding their motoric developmental process, crafting is really useful to train their hands to draw, color, and cut, while of course keeping them busy. Just pick any craft ideas you and your kids like the most. Then, keep the jewelry organizer in place when it is hung using Command Velcro strips attached to the back of the tubes.