An Indonesian watercolor artist called Reza is widely known today after his first post on Bored Panda. The post features his watercolor painting. Unlike other painting, his painting focuses on animal and he adds certain details that express the animal soul through his painting. These pieces are now very phenomenal, capturing and sharing the beauty of every creature through his art. Check out some of his paintings below.

  • The Forest Fox Couple

The scene is actually a romantic one. It frames an image in which the male fox is approaching the female fox and they seem like really in love. One of the fox is painted with a silhouette, almost abstract soft shades that form the soul. It is dramatic and touching at the same time. It’s very heartwarming.

  • The Red Deer and the Wind

For many people, the best thing about this painting is how they can feel the wind as well just by looking at it. It is as if the wind actually blows in real life. The lighting of the painting is undeniably perfect while the drama is tense enough to set a stunning combination that pictures the natural beauty of the scene.

  • The Horse Painting

This watercolor work is very dramatic and romantic at the same time. It is as if the horse is in the middle of a tense feeling while he is going to a certain journey for something uncertain. The best thing about this painting is on its watery silhouette that blurs the rest of the details without erasing the details literally.

  • The Menacing Owl

The owl isn’t even pictured in full size. However, we are instantly absorbed to the atmosphere as soon as we look at the painting. The eyes are the best part of the painting. It looks at us directly in the most menacing way. It reminds us on the terrors at night and the secrets whispered. This is a tense painting with ultimate beauty.

  • The Souls of Heaven

This painting pictures a scene where the turtle, who used to be on the earth the entire of his life, spreads his wings and flies away with birds towards the light. It is bright and graceful, making many people drop their tears just by looking at it. It is as if the souls are freed and they are moving to the higher and better place.

Reza is totally talented and the way he sees these creatures are so wonderful. He really captures the soul and shares it in the most perfect way so we can actually enjoy it as well. Way to go, Reza!