Water color pigment theory is such a mystery. It seems complicated to demystify and to apply on the paper.  But worry not. Jean Haines is ready to take you into Watercolor Pigment Party. Join this party and discover what the pigments difference and its different qualities are using this analogy.

  • The “Friendly People” at the Party

People at the party are the pigments. Pigments come in transparence and opaque shades. First, let’s see how the transparent work. We are going to call the transparent somebody who walks into a party and get on well with anybody. They are going to interact and they are going to have fun with other shades. Your transparent shades are the friendly people who everybody at the party wants to know.

In the picture, the friendly people or the transparent shades are the red and the purple. If you put the purple next to the red and run a nice little line of color in, they can get on well and they will have a lovely time at the party. Those are the transparence.

  • The “Bossy People” at the Party

Then the people who join the party make a noise. They are the ones who don’t particularly want to get on with anybody. They just love having a lovely time on their own. They want to choose their own music and they want to choose their own food. So, if you run those friendly and bossy together, they are going to get on anyway but the purple’s not going to get into that opaque space because that space is owned by that person (the yellow). Even though you already try to put the same nice little line of color between the purple and the yellow, they still don’t get on well.

  • Rethink the Colors of Your Choice

Therefore, you need to really think about the colors that you are going to use. Choose the ones that can get on there or the lovely translucent shades. Apart from how they can be joined in, they also need to be able to be pushed out of the way. They are the colors who are really fun to work with. They are the fun people to know.

How about the opaque? Well, let them sit at a corner. They have their own uses because sometimes you want that power and strength. So, don’t forget that opaque has their uses. They may look bossy or the most standing out, but they are still fun to use.

So, how’s the party? How many “people” have you met and have you known their special roles at the party? Working with watercolor pigments are like choosing the best people to get on at a party and knowing that each of us contributes something on how the party will turn out to you. So, choose wisely!