Fall is a great season with its uniqueness to enjoy. It is also a great time to invite our kids for some small projects to exercise their creativity. Among so many options, there are several art projects that are worth trying. They are pretty simple while the result is cute decors and decals for the house and classrooms. Check out the following ideas for some inspirations.

  1. Pumpkin Fizzy Art

This is basically a cutting and coloring project. You’ll invite the kids to draw their own pumpkin shapes and cut them all before painting. The painting alone only requires orange, yellow, black, and a little pink colors. Let the kids paint the pumpkin first and draw lines to make the ribbed areas. For final touch, glue doll googly eyes for animated look. Cute!

  1. Overlapping Tree Collage

This artwork is merely a simple collage of tree cuts. The kids will be guided to make several cuts including for the grass, trees, clouds, and the sun. They will add details on the cuts using watercolor paints and let it dry for a while. When the paints are dry, they will start to glue the cuts on a paper to create a view with their own layout.

  1. Owl Out of Torn Paper

This project features only a few materials. We will need the base paper, preferably one with solid color for the background. We also need folding papers in brown and light brown, yellow, black, and red. Cut the brown papers into random shapes while we make feet and beak with the red, and yellow and black for the eyes. Apply some glue shaping the owl and spread the small cuts on it. Add with eyes, beak, and feet, and the a cute owl display is ready to enjoy.

  1. Colorful Glove Decals

This project requires the kids to make cuts on glove shapes. When the cuts are ready, color it using watercolor paint and use sponge to even the color. The kids are allowed to make any combination they like and apply it on the cuts. When they are done, set aside the cut. Take another whole paper and finish it with deep blue sky for background. Use cloth pins and hang both as decals.

  1. Autumn Handprint Tree

Ask the kids to draw the outer line of their hand over a paper. They will love this process so much. Then, color the shape with deep brown for tree trunk. As for the leaves, ask the kids to cuts several colors of folding papers and cut them on random small pieces. They can also make small circles with the colors. Apply some glue on the paper shaping the tree leaves and spread the paper pieces over it.

Those projects aren’t just easy and fun to do. The materials are easy to get too. With good selection on colors, they will make pretty décor as well for the classroom, house, and kids bedrooms. Go and try it now.