You may have seen a watercolor painting whose elements seem not fall into places. You realize there’s something needs adjusting but you cannot tell what that is. It could be the lack of negative space or white space. A watercolor painting needs a white space. It enables the artwork to breather. Find out how to do it below:

  1. Don’t Spoil Too Much Spaces

The number one tip for painting with white space is not to fill in the spaces completely. Let the white space breathe by leaving some of it blank. When you were still in school, you might be taught many times to cover the subjects completely or to color in the lines. From now on, leave that away. There is no such rule in painting with white space. Look at the watermelon painting in the picture! If remove the little bits of white in the green and or the pink areas, the painting will be boring and not alive.

  1. Planning before Drawing

You cannot just make any strokes on the paper without any plan. The spaces that’ll be left white are from which you should begin drawing. Sketch the spaces and draw them as shapes, not lines. After that, coat around the white shapes. If you find the white too dominating, you can paint in the sections with color later.

  1. Work from Light to Dark

Watercolor painting is all about patience and not rushing. Rushing in the painting will only result in getting the darker areas before you should. Furthermore, it later will end up ruining the white space. Therefore, start working from light layers to the dark ones. By doing so, you have better opportunity to save enough white space.

  1. Make Most of the Power of Masking Fluid

Masking fluid will help you a lot in watercolor painting especially when you are drawing a landscape. Before starting to paint, apply some masking paint and then let it dry. The fluid will help you in shaping white shape more organically. Besides, using the fluid will enable you paint right over it and leave the masked are with no paint. Peeling the fluid off will leave you with defined edges.

The strategies for creating great water color paintings with white space lie on your preparation. Before starting to paint, you need an exact plan on what to do on the paper along with what to use to create this and that finishing. Do better preparation and make better result.